Chosen links

Links - 14th April 2024

Tool proficiency, managers, cookies, developer tooling, hobbyists maintainers

Links - 24th March 2024

Teminals, PostgreSQL high availability, relentless positivity, JS churn, mob programming, SQL & relational algebra

Links - 17th March 2024

Single vendor & open source, digital forgeries, tmux is Turing complete, friction & velocity

Links - 3rd March 2024

Open source and public work, microservices, bad software existing, scheduling internals, leadership

Links - 25th February 2024

Design engineers, Linux kernel core dumps, unexisting message, global design system, going solid, command not found, Linux stable patches

Links - 11th February 2024

Writing a PDF, clowns with snakes for arms, wrong DB decisions, IP fragmentation

Links - 28th January 2024

Management and details, DevEx, theory of fucks

Links - 21st January 2024

Static site generator, Linux binary to WebAssembly compiler, cost of supporting languages, testing network leaks, generic mitigations, database performance, ambiguous problems

Links - 14th January 2024

Text in PostgreSQL, IP adresses in PostgreSQL, not writing, stopping threads, UNIX philosophy, insider & renegades

Links - 7th January 2024

Infrastructure & climate change, code smell, abstraction inversion, cold-blooded software, team dependencies, changing C, TrueType rendering, debating nazis, PostgreSQL sessions, timeout, data quality and medical information systems, storing timezone info

Links - 17th December 2023

Good software, SEO & content generation, discussions and outcomes in open-source

Links - 10th December 2023

Insidious mistakes, Jenkins, macroculture vs microculture, replacing immutable, standardization & integration, Fallen London lore

Links - 3rd December 2023

Duck holding, book of shaders, RFC processes

Links - 26th November 2023

Making tools accessibles, IRL catgirls, computers systems vs medical professionals, writing items descriptions, magic the gathering metagame history, alive systems

Links - 19th November 2023

What executives do, wikis, Kai Krause’s software UI, practice guide for computers

Links - 5th November 2023

Finished software, abyss staring, LinkedIn posts

Links - 29th October 2023

Leadership styles, architectural decision records, solving problems, creating prpgramming languages, journaling in private, mastodon clients, deconstructing browsers

Links - 22nd October 2023

Background jobs, terminology missuse, libraries churn, improving things, zip file format, timezones

Links - 15th October 2023

Design job, wanting simplicity, PowerPoint, bad Windows programs

Links - 8th October 2023

MMO architecture, OLAP query engines, integrating Parquet files, clearing browsers caches, not saying no, io info in PotstgreSQL 16, change data capture

Links - 1st October 2023

WordPress and bloggers, turing completeness from two RISC instructions, align incentives, writing strategies

Links - 24th September 2023

Simplicity fetish, freelancing, fake texts in Apple’s marketing materials, state machines in DB, Rails middlewares

Links - 10th September 2023

State machines, UTC in DB, shipping buggy code, complexiy has to live somewhere, markup languages for typesetting, FIFO queues for cache

Links - 3rd September 2023

Emails, design, normcore, watefall, HTML ordered lists, capital is dead

Links - 13th August 2023

End to end principle, syntax and non-programmers, abstraction & data, functional programming & time, software as haunting, terrible ideas, free long term support for Linux, carrot problem

Links - 6th August 2023

Obtuse software, formal proofs, priority management, difficult games, query engines, static data editor, level editor, whitespaces, abstractions and power

Links - 30th July 2023

Hyrum’s Law is a self-fulfilling prophecy, falsifying ideas, accelerated expertise, complexity, emoji on the web, SEO, window management, esolangs, simpler software, data on disk

Links - 16th July 2023

RRC, writing, engineering leadership, policies, PostgreSQL locking

Links - 2nd July 2023

Dead languages, humans and systems, elements of programming, InfluxDB 3.0, writing a pipeline, dependencies in JavaScript

Links - 18th June 2023

S3 as a message queue, bad software, C is a protocol, experience, new Ruby parser, reducing friction, system design

Links - 4th June 2023

What would you fix next, notes apps, technologizing our way out, building large technical projects

Links - 28th May 2023

Monochrome image dithering, IE’s content rating system, CSS & hiring, CSS crimes

Links - 21st May 2023

99 buttons mouse, high-performance Lua VM, Staff Engineer’s Path, management is prediction, 50 years in filesystems, configurable hallucinations, software design, divergent development workflow, floating-points, industrial hammer complex

Links - 14th May 2023

People and systems, cult of founders, deskilling, code deletion at scale, recruiting contributors, terrible messagin app, early computer art

Links - 7th May 2023

Build Your Own Database, Abstract Machine Models, Prodigal Techbro, rewrite trap, seven programming ur-languages, UX research reckoning, real-time messaging architecture at Slack

Links - 23rd April 2023

VendorOps, technological antisolution, booting modern Intel CPUs, how complex systems fail, Windows file paths

Links - 16th April 2023

Planning as an engineering executive, yearly planning, a frugal functional programming language, system interface complexity

Links - 9th April 2023

Incremental games and work, SQL:2023, dark matter developers, custom game engines, innovation vs stability, grid world

Links - 2nd April 2023

Content negotiation, writing a C Compiler, incompetent but nice, men & data science

Links - 26th March 2023

Languages registers, coding in one hour, digital optimism

Links - 26th February 2023

Crime dial, gardening platforms, unusual uses of DNS, you wrote a database

Links - 12th February 2023

Unknown in horror, frontend frameworks, IA and simulation, machine curation, developer conferences, big data is dead

Links - 5th February 2023

Information herd immunity, combination of technologies, build your own Redis

Links - 22nd January 2023

HTML templating, Python packaging, front-end developpers, coding perverts, VRChat, using the wrong tools, storing data on the web, effective eng organization, meeting efficiency, knowing management

Links - 15th January 2023

Open-source maintainance, dependency injection frameworks, Apache® appropriation, visual guide to ssh tunnels, depth in research

Links - 8th January 2023

HTTP in 2022, OSS supply chain, marketplace of rationalizations, tools for thought, capitalizing engineering costs, Elden Ring ecology, Panasonic Jungle

Links - 1st January 2023

Raspberry Pis, systems thinking, SQLite internals, fast views in pure Ruby, Programming languages application and interpretation, worst-selling Microsoft software, permacomputing, digital garden, sorting things out, weathering software

Links - 11th December 2022

Software & hardware, locality of behaviour, social media management on the fediverse, city building simulations, fuck nuance, antimemetics division

Links - 4th December 2022

Git worktree, Windows 95’s User Interface, playing with Git commits ids, Fungal font, Barnacle Goose Experiment, Git for trunk-based development, a garbage can model of organizational choice

Links - 27th November 2022

Federation, theory-building & employee churn, diagrams, Multics Emacs, little languages

Links - 13th November 2022

Postgres terminology, agency, algorithms for modern hardware, operating systems pieces, history of incident models

Links - 30th October 2022

Comforting work, expertise, inessential weirdness, dark mode, data-oriented design, useless software, joy and crafting, ffmpeg

Links - 9th October 2022

Reasoning from first principles, unsolicited advice, Capcom historical games, edge case poisoning, mystery knowledge, theorycrafting, reject simplicity, code comments, the grind, UML & standardisation

Links - 25th September 2022

Auditing culture, transparency is surveillance, bring your own disaster, software supply chain

Links - 11th September 2022

Cost of opinion, technology adoption curve, low-stakes and high-stakes metrics, Typescript for library developers, deep learning and human disposability, one-on-ones with executives, Untitled Goose Game, hating your tools, type systems

Links - 21st August 2022

We don’t do that here, insidious bugs, implicit practice, TDD, files that change together

Links - 24th July 2022

Estimations, badly scaling algorithms, overfed middlemen, internal writing, educator authorial stance, strategy and PowerPoint

Links - 17th July 2022

Getting to the staff+ level, CSS behind Figma, spacing in CSS, knowledge of organizational operations

Links - 10th July 2022

Learning and teaching practical wisdom, extensible extension mechanisms, tyranny of “what if it changes?”

Links - 26th June 2022

Accelerate, coding interviews, feature factory, systems thinking, organisational change

Links - 5th June 2022

Behavioral biases, technical dimensions of programming systems, memory models, probabilistic programming language, online collaboration, fairness in video games & meritocracy

Links - 29th May 2022

Game design for virtual events, not my job, Uncurled, data and reality

Links - 22nd May 2022

Standardization & exploration, writing style, different kinds of notes, believability

Links - 8th May 2022

Memory models, beyond libraries and frameworks, agile, errors are constructed, wrong abstraction, PostgreSQL indexes, being glue, house elf management trap, best font for online reading, large PostgreSQL databases

Links - 3rd April 2022

UnreliableFS, middlewares, work standards, forgotten pain, ontological remodeling, carousels, CSS layout algorithms, trust

Links - 6th March 2022

Programming languages features, AI research, web development & despair, projects planning, static languages, feedbacks, mental model, bureaucratic psychosis, performance indicators

Links - 23rd January 2022

Errors and blocking development, team interactions as API, dysfunctional organisations, Warez, software engineering

Links - 9th January 2022

Trauma, cross-platform native desktop applications, JVM features, it’s your problem now, fast kernel headers, micro blogging from iOS notes app, Debian’s approach to Rust, writing

Links - 19th December 2021

Software genres, using emails, integration, design thinking, drawing diagrams, creating point-and-click text adventures

Links - 28th November 2021

Groups behavior, individuals matter, copying decisions, hiring, creating change, UI backwards compatibility, corporate engineering blogs, people can read their manager’s mind

Links - 14th November 2021

Building agreements, terminal emulators, culturally transmitted skills and values, default trial retire, forces of architecture, parallel programming

Links - 31st October 2021

Shamans, moving faster, task switching

Links - 24th October 2021

Cursed knowledge, speed matters, Jira & communication, visual programming tools, what to learn

Links - 10th October 2021

Distributed collaboration, no Scrum in big tech orgs, ISO-C for OS development

Links - 3rd October 2021

In-house expertise, ideas that work, IBM and cloud

Links - 26th September 2021

Single-page-app, build system, note-writing, tool-makers, management, shibboleth

Links - 5th September 2021

Agile as trauma, partitioning in PostgreSQL, technical writing

Links - 29th August 2021

Miracle of the commons, community on a single 1.44MB floppy, long gone development practices, writing a GUI framework, APIs design, software crisis

Links - 8th August 2021

Scaling, tech journalism, open-source software

Links - 25th July 2021

Vocabulary, role of judgment, successful outcomes, benchmarking, functional programming, planning

Links - 11th July 2021

Smart compilers, good examples, broken tools ,UX theatre, scrum

Links - 4th July 2021

Technical skills and poverty, Unix shell, Bitsy games, focus vs coordination

Links - 6th June 2021

Agile methods, CLI, alerts, telnet zine, Schrödinger’s code, unit test

Links - 16th May 2021

Query planning, spellcheck, OLAP cube, UML, engineering delivery metrics

Links - 25th April 2021

Data Mesh, PostgreSQL optimizer, CI

Links - 7th March 2021

PostgreSQL, frameworks, data pipelines, weird architectures

Links - 24th January 2021

Data, update, engineers, PGP

Links - 15th November 2020

Data races, Bugs

Links - 20th September 2020

Processes, security, component-entity-system, C, agile, tabs

Links - 21st June 2020

Systemd, restyling apps, internal platforms, async, modern graphics API

Links - 3rd May 2020

Open source, glitches, software collapse, Spotify

Links - 22nd March 2020

Data center, rewrittings, runnin online services, toolboxes

Links - 23rd February 2020

Understanding computers, dynamic type systems, declarative configuration management, listening for design, command line options

Links - 16th February 2020

Art tools, errror model, weird machines, ops lessons, feminist data manifest-no, software performance

Links - 20th October 2019

Pipes, text rendering, unique IDs, verb-noun vs noun-verb

Links - 11th August 2019

Small social networks, abstract machines, files, monorepos, devops for databases

Links - 8th July 2019

Hypothetical indexes, information maintenance, event sourcing, distributed tracing, designing for coziness

Links - 16th June 2019

City guide to open source, leverage in engineering organisations, playful

Links - 19th May 2019

Game development, DSL, 2D graphics, UML, architectural relic, Arkanoid

Links - 5th May 2019

Declarative logic programming language, post-apocalypse, institutional dependencies

Links - 21st April 2019

Debugging asynchronous, optimizing inefficiency, inconsistent code and comments, stand-up meetings, cybersecurity holes

Links - 14th April 2019

XML web services, PostgreSQL load tester, transactions, security maturity, separating use and reuse, operating systems

Links - 7th April 2019

Little languages, GDPR, hidden compiler optimization opportunities, web services

Links - 24th March 2019

Purely functional software deployment model, layers, on-call, reindexing

Links - 10th March 2019

Identifiers, data-centric programming for distributed systems, platform security

Links - 10th February 2019

Monadic morass, AWS Autoscale

Links - 3rd February 2019

HTTPS certificates for localhost, developer experience, state of software security in 2019, abstraction tiers, dataflow engines, second system effect

Links - 21st October 2018

Labyrinths synthesis

Links - 23rd September 2018

Multi-cloud, name resolution

Links - 3rd September 2018

Partitioning data in PostgreSQL, staging environment

Links - 8th July 2018

Voodoo software, state management

Links - 1st July 2018

Consistency models

Links - 24th June 2018

Scriptable audio, not being a jerk in open source, DNS lookup, MySQL 8.0

Links - 3rd June 2018

Don’t dump on your users

Links - 27th May 2018

Data on the outside versus data on the inside

Links - 20th May 2018

Storage systems algorithms, adopting microservices?

Links - 29th April 2018

Asset management, Redis Cluster

Links - 15th April 2018


Links - 8th April 2018

Expected output vs. seniority

Links - 25th March 2018

Secure containers on Kubernetes, compliance under the GDPR, IMGUI, databases are global mutable state

Links - 11th March 2018

Fennel, alignment

Links - 4th March 2018

Crafting interpreters, OSS tool for parsing and analyzing SQL

Links - 25th February 2018

Postgres query plans, testing database changes

Links - 18th February 2018

Containers vs culture, cat chirality, packaging complex applications

Links - 11th February 2018

microservices, continuous integration, cloud native monitoring, distributed system design, Iain M. Banks

Links - 28th January 2018

Service boundaries

Links - 7th January 2018

Learning Prolog, data classes, Java 9 modularization, PCID

Links - 31st December 2017

Haskell, syscalls, agile, optimizations, ARM emulator, big suite enterprise software

Links - 10th December 2017

Design thinking, startup frauds, computer architecture for network engineers

Links - 2nd December 2017

ThoughtWorks Technology Radar

Links - 26th November 2017

Profiling and data analysis, machine-translated video game, Dark Souls II

Links - 12th November 2017

Gender roles, OS design, versionning

Links - 5th November 2017

Software design, cost center trap

Links - 29th October 2017

Staging, paperclips, Linux kernel development, interfaces and OSes

Links - 22nd October 2017

Let’s build a simple database, convert AsciiDoc to EPUB3, playing god in a strange universe

Links - 15th October 2017

Java at Alibaba, Cloud Native monitoring

Links - 8th October 2017

JVM monitoring with BPF, Jepsen Hazelcast, level design in Breath of the Wild

Links - 1st October 2017

Voodoo software

Links - 24th September 2017

Reverse Design: Half-Life

Links - 17th September 2017

Cost-to-fix, message delivery, code duplication, microservice

Links - 10th September 2017

First 1:1, Kafka at the NYT, C, rewritable software

Links - 3rd September 2017

Cache, database isolation, late projects

Links - 27th August 2017

Size and complexity, technical RFCs, designing data-intensive applications

Links - 20th August 2017

LaTeX, distributed systems, pain-driven development, microarchitecture, microkernels, SimCities, Lovecraft and Ballard

Links - 13th August 2017

New agile framework, CAP theorem & organizations, ascii art, electrical engineering, and programming, Linux load averages, font-size, I/O-free (Sans-I/O) protocol implementations

Links - 6th August 2017

Reactive systems, joining data from multiple Postgres databases, unikernel for C++ applications, networks all the way down, cultural obsession with dystopias, Dishonored’s party level