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Links - 3rd September 2023


What if there was a button that could inflict unimaginable suffering to someone in the world, but also they had access to a button that could do the same thing back to you? Would it be worth the risk? Would you press the ✉️ Send email button?

Nothing special

An essay about how buying a table is impossible, and why we should all stop wanting to be “designers”.

Post-authentic sincerity

A truly post-authentic sincere attitude is synonymous with “normcore”, as originally defined in K-HOLE’s trend report Youth Mode, a timely and groundbreaking publication released in 2013 as the last embers of Hipsterism were fading.To crudely summarize highlights of the analysis: The opposite of mass authenticity-seeking, which they name “Mass Indie”, is the normcore attitude. The normcore derives value from popularity and recognition, not scarcity. The pursuit of uniqueness is devalued; dynamicism and flexibility are more important than originality, because originality itself is unattainable. One of the first declarations in the publication is “Normcore is about adaptability, not exclusivity”. Adaptability is the key characteristic of the normcore attitude, the true post-authentic attitude.

Why we always end up with waterfall

Those stakeholders drive the product, madly pulling the steering wheel to the right and left. These external stakeholders want predictability, because they don’t care about the product but see the product as a tool for their goals. When will it be ready? These external stakeholders want to solve a problem for them not learn about the market. The stakeholders queue up in a long line. And just like in Disneyland where it says “60 min from here” they want to know when “their” feature is developed. This drives waterfall. To coordinate and communicate about the queue product management draws up roadmaps.

But waterfall is handy, I can work on my own says the developer plus I don’t need to talk to people. Win-Win. People who don’t work as a team can work in different orgs, product management and development. Then it’s even more efficient with waterfall.

I blame the W3C’s HTML standard for ordered lists

I start with a single HTML tag and end with the downfall of civilization.

Capital is dead: is this something worse?

Critical theories of the culture industry tend to stop short of thinking through the extent to which the production of critical theory itself is now a minor genre within the culture industry.

The hacker class was supposed to be a privileged one, shielded from proletarianization by its creativity and technical skill. But it too can be made casual and precarious.

The free creation of information would be alternately policed and encouraged: policed where it infringed on corporate monopolies; encouraged where free labor or nonlabor could be captured as information that had value.

The Man of Letters leaves it to somebody else to type them and post them. His inheritors can’t even put up their own blog posts in WordPress.