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Links - 27th May 2018

Data on the outside versus data on the inside

In these systems, there are multiple services each with its own code and data, and ability to operate independently of its partners. In particular, atomic transactions with two-phase commit do not occur across multiple services because this necessitates holding locks while another service decides the outcome of the transaction. This paper proposes there are a number of seminal differences between data inside a service and data sent into the space outside of the service boundary.

Going to SOA is like going from Newton’s physics to Einstein’s physics.

  • Newton’s time marched forward uniformly with instant knowledge at a distance.

  • Before SOA, distributed computing strove to make many systems look like one with RPC, 2PC, etc.

  • In Einstein’s universe, everything is relative to one’s perspective.

  • SOA has “now” inside and the “past” arriving in messages.