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Links - 5th November 2023

The beauty of finished software

Finished software is software that’s not expected to change, and that’s a feature! You can rely on it to do some real work.

Once you get used to the software, once the software works for you, you don’t need to learn anything new; the interface will exactly be the same, and all your files will stay relevant. No migrations, no new payments, no new changes.

Abysss starring

if you stare long into the abyss, you will begin to accumulate AbyssBux® which you can use for discounts on premium abyssal products such as “a vast and troubled nothingness” and “the void” at participating abysses nationwide

The empty hall of smiling assassins

One of the speakers, a man clearly into his 50s, talked about how he left his cushy job at a bank to… make his own bank… which seemed identical to the previous bank, except he owned it and their apps were better. He then spoke at length about the nights he slept at the hotel they had their only branch in — not like, in a hotel room but in the bank’s physical branch.

Fucking go home dude, what the fuck are you on about? Why is everyone impressed by this? This man has a family and kids, why is he out here sleeping in a bank branch? This is not aspirational, this is the part of the Twilight Zone where LinkedIn posts are real.