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Software thought leaders, assholes & power moves

  • “Unit testing, you’re doing it wrong”

  • “You can’t code anything that works without automated unit test”

  • “If you don’t TDD you’re not a real developer”

  • “People that started by learning Java can never become proper developers”

  • “Expertise has no value since the real knowledge is to learn to learn, you should be able to master any language in a few days”

Some days I’m so fed up with some thought leaders of software and their power moves.

When your way to communicate is to establish your superiority or to attack the legitimacy of other people, I don’t think your goal is to convince.


  • You feel you are right and can’t deal with the fact that most people don’t agree with you or just don’t care;

  • It’s a way to circle the wagons and bond with other members of your club, aka you’re gatekeeping;

  • Social effects of masculinity;

  • You’re an asshole.

At a moment, making software development inclusive will require to stop celebrating these attitudes.