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My dream team

Julien Kirch, March 2, 2018

The kind of software team I dream to be a part of. Don’t try to guess how many of these you are, but with how many of them you’d like to work.

  • People with long memory to explain why things are the way they are

  • People that loves changing things and wo won’t be satisfied by the way things are

  • People that are here to do their work and nothing more to temper the passionate ones

  • People with a mysterious past

  • People that loves learning new tools

  • J-Pop and K-Pop people

  • People that hate learning new tools

  • People that loves to write things down

  • This one who makes things crash be just being there

  • Impatient tech people who will challenge the workflow

  • Left-handed people

  • Tool tinkerers

  • Tech people with patience and stamina for long tasks

  • Not too many bikeshedders or language-enthousiasts or perfectionists

  • People who don’t worship tools or methods

  • Perl mongers

  • People that don’t care about their code editor

  • People bored with process

  • Political savvy people, when things are becoming complicated

  • People who are grumpy when the doc is not up to date

  • People who care about how they affect others feelings

  • Dev people that hate the Command Line

  • Color-blind people

  • This one who is in fact three dogs in a trench coat

  • People that can only work in a calm environment

  • People with external personal commitments, to avoid off hour meetings

  • People that have nothing to prove

  • Nobody offended by a code of conduct

  • Few cargo-cultists

  • UX people of the Hideaki Anno school

  • UX people of the H. R. Giger cult

  • People enjoying bad puns

  • People loving cute things

  • Queer people