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An unfinished “Baba Is You” solver

I love puzzle games and I love writing programs to solve them.

When Baba Is You was published I wanted to play it and to write a solver for it: a game where the main mechanic is changing the rule would be fun to solve.

Then I decided to write about writing a solver.

Unfortunately, I stopped before reaching the moment where things become really complex, mostly because I had a new job which made me want to explore other ideas.

But the 60+ pages of content is still here, and I think than even if it only solve the first levels of the game, it’s a good introduction to how to write puzzle game solvers.

I’ve already written (in French) why I think game solvers are interesting programming exercises because they are mostly about modeling and optimization, two topics where non trivial examples are hard to find.

Even if the projects is paused for the moment feedbacks are welcome.

The content is available in EPUB and PDF.

The Java code is here and under the MIT License.